News Centre -Italy Friendship Foundation organized an exhibition in cooperation with the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, named ‘’ From the Inside of the Mirror’’ by well-known journalist and photographer Piero Castellane. Several respected guests from diverse occupations joined to the event. 

The program started with a cocktail and continued with a documentary film called ‘’ Cities Sealed to Eternity’’, which is about architectural and social commonalities between Turkish city of Mardin and Italian city of Matera, showed from the eyes of two university students.

Before the start of the film, Musa Toprak from the Bar Association, Italian Cultural Attaché, Paelo Castellane and the director of the documentary film, Ertuğrul Karslıoğlu made the opening speeches. Initially, Toprak highlighted the common culture and even destiny of Italy and Turkey as being two significant Mediterranean countries and underlined the heavy migration wave that both states had. Secondly, Italian attaché thanked to all partners and guests of the event. Thirdly, Castellane noted about his pieces that he did not tried to show something aesthetic but gave more importance to present cultural commons. Finally, Karslıoğlu concentrated on the future of relations and suggested that we all have to look beyond and increase the level of cooperation. He gave the example a famous saying of Hz.Mevlana as ‘’ Past is past my dear, it is necessary to say a new thing’’.

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