Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.07.2017 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has not been seen on public and TV for 2 months.  That Buhari went to London for treatment makes public opinion about his administration blurred. That’s why, his absence in the office is at stake which emanates from his advisors’s vague replies to the press questions. The top advisor’s evasiveness from clarifying the questions implies how bad Buhari’s health condition is.

Buhari took the popular vote and flowingly came to power for the second time in 2015 elections. At his first office, he took power by overthrowing the legitimate rule in 80s. But, it was not lasting longer. That’s why, he was obliged to bow to the same inevitable by another coup plotted against himself. During his 2015 election campaign, his main motivations has been on annihilating Boko Haram terrorist organization and rooting the corruption in state bureaucracy out which were the election promises. Through these promises, besides getting electoral triumph, he simultaneously attained the public sympathy. Soon taking power, he strived for bringing all 28 states hand in hand and accomplished this aim at last. However, this did not last longer, on the grounds that his 2-month-absence created political turmoil in the country.

Buhari’s top advisors have begun trying to explain his absence with such excuses like either ‘on vacation’ or ‘in cure process’. Despite all the excuses aimed at filling the gaps in public mind, they are seemingly not enough to end political turmoil storming the country. Because many state and party circles, varying from army, bureaucracy and Buhari’s party ‘All Progressives Congress’, regard his absence as an opportunity so that they will be able to prevail in the politics. Particularly, prominent figures in Buhari’s party (APC) commenced sort of confrontation amidst themselves. If Muhammadu Buhari do not come back to the rule soon enough, the prospective implication of his long absence within the party will be intense competition for the purpose of acquisition of the party leadership, which is equivalent to the presidency. Besides all these scenarios, another scenario throughout the country would be;

  • Boko Haram’s terrorist activities may increase by double. Because federal government may likely lead both bureaucratic affairs and army’s operation against Boko Haram to fail owing to political vacuum deriving from the president’s absence. His absence means that command chain is interrupted. For this reason, Boko Haram may likely take advantage of the situation.
  • Political vacuum by the absence of president may cause the emergence of bureaucracy in decelerated motion and the increasing corruption in army. Especially, army may deviate from self-consciousness about the duty to serving their own interest. In case of such happening, power-balance in the country may briefly be on behalf of the army.

Against all the odds, coup d’main administration may be arise in the close future. To be able to inhibit such a rule, bureaucratic and parliamentary circles should make immediate decisions and implement them. 

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