News Center -TDO - Everything about beauty was discussed at the event held at Trilye restaurant with the participation of representatives of the diplomatic mission and foreigners living in Ankara and sponsored by the Diplomatic Observer. Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. Haldun Kamburoğlu gave a presentation in English and answered the questions about aesthetics and beauty.

In the event attended mainly by representatives of the world of diplomacy, aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. Haldun Kamburoğlu shared the new developments in aesthetic and plastic surgery with the guests with a presentation in English. Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Yerhov, Belarus’ Ambassador to Turkey Victor Rybak, Honorary Consulate to Iceland Yavuz Selim Sarıibrahimoğlu, Spouse of the Ambassador to Sri Lanka Husna Zamaniya Cader Hassen, Undersecretary of Commerce at the Embassy of Sri Lanka Yoshitha Jayasuriya, Spouse of the Vice President of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand Bangorn Sevikul, President of The Russian Cultural Association Larisa Lutkova Türkkan, representatives of Brazil, Kenya and EU embassies and many other foreign guests attended to the event.

Sri Lanka Embassy set up a booth at the event and Sri Lankan teas and flavors received great attention from the participants.

The Russian Cultural Association also set up a booth where the activities of the association were introduced. The president of the association, Larisa Lutkova Türkkan, said that Turks have a great interest in the Russian language.

“You Can Look Beautiful at Any Age”

In the event, giving information about aesthetic and plastic surgery methods Assoc. Dr. Haldun Kamburoğlu shared the new developments in this area with the invited guests. After the presentation, Assoc. Dr. Kamburoğlu emphasized that "Everyone can look beautiful at any age".

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