Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Although diplomatic relations between Turkey and the European Union have been on the same course for a long time, trade relations continue to grow. The share of European Union countries in Turkey's exports reached 50 percent. Germany is leading the list of countries with the most exports from Turkey.

Turkey and the European Union Relations, which have not experienced significant diplomatic developments in recent years, are gradually improving in terms of trade. In January, Turkey's biggest market, exports to the European Union, reached 50 percent of total exports. The top 3 countries with the most exports were Germany with 1.4 billion dollars, Italy with 889 million dollars and the United Kingdom with 870 million dollars.

The increase in imports in the Turkish economy, which started in recent months, is also reflected positively on exports. Exports, which exceeded $ 180 billion for the first time in 2019, also started well into 2020. According to the Turkish Exporters Assembly's provisional foreign trade data for January, the increase of 6 percent was 14 billion 765 million dollars. In the same period, the ratio of exports to imports was 77 percent. While the economic management has set a 5 per cent growth target in 2020, increasing exports will be critical for this to happen.

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