Şimal Çınar –TDO- While returning to Turkey from an official visit to the Vatican and Italy, Turkish president talked to Turkish reporters and said Trump, just like the former President Obama “lied to Turkey” on the issue of Syrian Kurdish fighters in Syria’s Manbun region. He said “Trump told us ‘they cannot stay there. They will go to the east of the Euphrates.’ He accepted that Arabs are the real owners of Manbij. But what he said has not come true. Now there is mobilization in Manbij” while noting that there are many refugees in Turkey who had to flee from Manbij but want to return to their homelands.

Erdogan stated that he also talked over the issue of Syrian refugees with the Pope, the Italian president and the Italian prime minister during his visit and made a call for the international actors to come together and help in the return of 3.5 million Syrian refugees that are currently living in Turkey. “I told them that if they give us financial support we will do our best for them to return to their lands” Erdogan said. 

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