İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 07.09.2017- Now, it’s young ‘’ Americanized’’ people’s term to leave USA. On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that the White House would end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program in six months and present an immigration reform. By this move, Trump target majoraly Latin migrants that came in to USA in their childhood. Many Democrats, starting with Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama criticize the decision and call congress members to prevent it.

About the decision, Trump said ‘’ As President, my priority is to defend American citizens and the American constitution.  I do not support those young adults to be punished due to their parent’s mistake but we have to admit that as we are the country of laws, we became the country of opportunities’’.

On the other hand, former US President Obama criticized Trump. He stated ‘’ This is a great evil that done to these youngsters, they will contribute to our future.  They will serve to this country with our children’’. Also, he called Congress members ‘’to do what you should in order to protect our youth and future’’.

As a response to Obama, Trump highlighted that DACA which went into operation in 2012, under Obama rule, was not voted by the Congress but  proposed by Presidential decree and argued that it was ‘’illegal’’.

Under DACA program, about  800.000 migrants who were brought into USA while they were under 16, studied and working in the US and did not involve in any crime, got right to continue living in USA.  If this policy inure to the benefit, all of these people would be deported.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump attacked various values of the US. As the president of a country established by immigrants and became the most passionate supporter of liberal values, Trump involved in many harmful acts with the excuse of ‘’national security’’. Undoubtedly, if a migrant cheat to the country that hosts and saved him, he must pay the price. However, if someone is adapted to dynamics of the nation, did not harmed anyone or challanged the order, it must be accepted as a part of the public.  By the way, it is significant to remind that America became the country of opportunities not because of it’s legal structure but it’s ‘’hospitality’’ to talented and successful migrants.  

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