Libya is the country in which DAESH is the most effective. Lack of political power in Libya occurred immediate after Muammar al-Gaddafi’s lynching, served the DAESH best. Training of militias and illegal trade with European enterprises enable DAESH to maintain its power.On the other hand, steps taken by the Libyan government to fight against DAESH, are interrupted by ne strategies of DAESH. director general of public security of Benghazi Hamada Ramli who had fought against the terrorist organization effectively, became the latest victim of DAESH. While Ramli was badly injured in a bombing attack, guard of Ramli lost their lives. In an atmosphere where DAESH is using violence and terrorization in order to rally militias, DAESH tactics of aiming selected governmental officers instead of a random mass are showing the shift in their tactics and in a new era. This situation is interpreted as that DAESH already has enough oppression and power on the people and once governmental powers in Libya destroyed, DAESH will begin to establish dominance on Libya.
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