Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The coalition government in Kosovo received a vote of confidence from Parliament about 4 months after the election.

A coalition of the Self-Determination Movement and the second party, the Democratic Union of Kosovo (LDK), which triumphed at the polls after an early general election in Kosovo on 6 October last year, won a vote of no confidence in Albin Kurti's presidency with 66 'yes' votes. No vote was used, while 10 MPs abstained.

In the cabinet where Avdullah Hoti and khaki Abazi were appointed deputy prime ministers, 6 Ministerial posts were given to the self-determination Al Party, 6 to the LDK and 3 to minorities in the country.

His country's dialogue with Serbia will continue in line with bilateral and good neighborly relations, Prime Minister Kurti said at a parliamentary session.

The previous government had reduced the number of ministers from 21 and 80 to 15 ministers and 33 deputy ministers, Kurti said, describing the new government as a 'government of economic development and employment with saving public money'.

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