Serhat TUNAR -TDO - The police intervened in civil disobedience protests in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Four people were killed in the clash. The decision of civil disobedience was taken after the bloody intervention of the Sudanese army against the demonstrators. With civil disobedience, the number of people on the streets of Khartoum has declined greatly.

The opposition groups in Sudan called on the public not to go to work after the military intervened harshly against the activists. Teachers Committee, Journalists Network, Union of Engineers, Union of Veterinarians, Democratic Alliance of Lawyers and Central Committee of Pharmacists also complied with this call and announced their participation in civil disobedience protests.

As it is known, the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces have been leading the actions in Khartoum for the transition to the civilian government for nearly two months. The Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces had previously suspended negotiations with the Military Transition Council and called for a comprehensive civil disobedience and strike.

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