News Center -TDO- Undersecretary of Chinese Embassy in Turkey Ambassador Cheng Weihua hosted the "China-Turkey relations and Developments" briefing meeting.

Many press members attended the meeting held at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ankara.

Undersecretary Cheng Weihua told that the relations between the two countries have shown progress in progress and added "This is between China and Turkey, the two sides are showing a strong will to improve bilateral relations, it means. China and Turkey are two important and emerging countries. It is very important that our leaders, as countries that share the same opinion on many international and regional issues, meet frequently and that our policies are in close coordination with the coordination. We think it is very important not only for bilateral relations but also for world peace and development. ”

“During the visit in China, the two presidents discussed the bilateral relations in a comprehensive way, Weihua said: Joint Economic Committee (JEC) on reorganization of the meeting, this year in November, China international import fair in Turkey from Turkey on its participation in agriculture and to enter the Chinese market of animal products, tourism, deep and comprehensive in more flight time topics from Turkey they exchanged views, two presidents. It was a wonderfully successful visit. a great impetus to the strategic cooperation relationship between China and Turkey have gained. From now on, we believe that the cooperation between the two countries in every field will develop more rapidly. ” Weihua stated.

 On the question of whether they confirm these statements? He said “We did not attend the meeting but that he saw the news published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Weihua, "Apart from that also, Mr. Tayyip Bey, Turkey already has a 'one China' policy, he said resolutely continued. What does this mean; There is only the People's Republic of China legitimately in the world, and Xinjiang is an indivisible part of China. Therefore, as Turkey is a friendly country of China, especially in these lands that we think should not allow anti-China activities carried out by the employees to split China.”

“There are also approaches that exploit this issue. These exploits cause negative repercussions in Turkish-Chinese relations. Weihua stated that there are those who abuse this issue, there are employees who try to obtain rent from this issue, Mr. President's statements. Because recently the subject in Turkey Xinjiang Uygur subject was a hot item on the agenda. But how many people have seen, gone, seen the truth? We think that the Turkish media should not be the intermediary of the countries exploiting this issue. Mr. President is already aware of this. ” Undersecretary Weihua stated.

The Undersecretary Weihua made the following assessment regarding the publication of a letter criticizing the treatment of the Uighur Turks in China's Xinjiang region by 22 member states of the UN Human Rights Council:

’18 of these 22 countries are European countries; all of them are Western countries. what he thought of Western powers against China and what it was like prejudices, Turkey also suffers the same pain, I think, is known. I want to share very funny results in the Global Happiness Report published by the UN; China ranks 93th in this report, and Libya ranks 72nd. ‘In 2018, people in Libya are much happier than we Chinese. Turkey is 79th, 'unhappy people in Turkey than in Libya. As if China is seen as a separate genus, there are two reasons why; The Chinese Communist Party, which is the leader of China, the second is the socialism of China's system. ”

Stating that the distance China has recorded in 70 years is more than the distance recorded by Western countries in a few 100 years, Weihua said that China is currently the second largest economy in the world and that the 5 largest religions in the country continue to exist legally. Weihua stated that they did not accept the discourse in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region that “their identity was tried to be destroyed and the Uyghur language was banned,.“ If you try to get Uyghur, Kazakh or not, there is no discrimination, but separatism, terror, violence is strictly forbidden and will not be allowed and the coup will be reduced ”.

“China is ready to cooperate with all the countries in the world and we are ready to develop friendly relations between us, but we are very serious and very determined to maintain our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, We said Weihua. Our presidency has a saying; no one should expect us to compromise our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity,“ Weihua said.


Weihua answered a questions regarding how many Uyghur-origin jihadists are in Idlib? and said “We read from the media like you, but there is a small group of Uighur jihadists and their families. The figure in the press; 5-7 thousand. Everyone knows that they fought under the Turkestan Islamic Party with Al-Nusra. In some of the videos we watch in connection with the Xinjiang issue, the jihadists there train children as warriors and shout jihadist slogans. Their aim is to gain war experience in Idlib and return to China to make jihad. China's threat to terrorism and violence is very clear and huge. ”

Weihua reminded that the US has put an end to the exemptions granted to the countries under Iran's sanctions, and when asked about the situation of China's oil imports from Iran, “The US unilaterally imposes sanctions on a country and demands that all countries in the world comply with it. This is not a fair demand. China has previously opposed America's unilateral sanctions against Iran or any other country. There is a transparent, win-win business cooperation between China and Iran. We continue to cooperate in accordance with the interests of both China and Iran. Now China continues to buy oil from Iran, which is our natural right. What will happen next in Iran is a matter that Iran and the United States can decide, of course we expect stability in this region, and we expect no conflict. ”

Weihua said that they expect to reach a conclusion that is acceptable to all parties through dialogue on the Eastern Mediterranean.

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