Serhat TUNAR -TDO- For the first time, China has reached the position of having the most foreign representation abroad. According to a report by Australia-based think tank Lowy Global diplomacy, China, which has a foreign representation number of 276, sat in first place, outpacing the United States. Turkey is the sixth country with the highest number of foreign representatives.

The United States, which topped the list in the previous study, fell to second place this year with 273 representatives. France is in third place with 267 representatives.

Japan increased the number of foreign representatives to 247, rising to fourth place. Turkey was ranked sixth with 234 representatives, while the Russian Federation was fifth with 242 representatives.

According to the report of the Lowy entity, Turkey, which is fourth in the ranking among OECD countries, is represented in the world by 140 embassies, 80 consulates, 12 permanent representatives and 2 other special offices.

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