İrem UZUN -TDO- The 2001 yearbook picture obtained by Time Magazine shows Mr. Trudeau with skin-darkening make-up on his face and hands at the West Point Grey Academy. The image of a 29-year-old Trudeau with his face in dark make-up is a major challenge for a leader who often speaks about the need to fight racial discrimination and who has three prominent ministers of Indian descent in his cabinet.

The prime minister apologized on Wednesday night, saying he recognizes the act was racist. "I regret it deeply," Mr. Trudeau said. "I'm deeply sorry I did that. I should have known better, but I didn’t, and I did that. I shouldn't have done that".

Less than five weeks before the federal election on 21 October, the Liberal leader’s campaign was rocked when images emerged of Trudeau wearing blackface makeup. On Thursday, new video emerged of a third instance of Trudeau in blackface – just hours after he had apologized for wearing what he described as “racist” makeup to a costume party in 2001.

Still, on Wednesday, Trudeau brushed off suggestions he might quit.

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