Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Earlier, the United States took sides with the self-proclaimed interim president that was against ‘’ the Maduro regime’’. Joining the US, Canada sanctioned against the regime targeting 43 Venezuelan officials who were claimed to be ‘’ responsible for the deteriorating situation in Venezuela’’. Within the list of the individuals, ‘’ high-ranking officials’’ and ‘’’regional governors’’ were said to be the ones to take part in ‘’activities undermining democratic institutions.’’

One of the few senior officials who was not affected by the US restrictions, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza was included in the restrictions.

Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as Venezuela’s ‘interim president’ on 23 January. Two weeks before his announcement, President Nicolas Maduro inaugurated for a second term in office following elections. Guaido immediately won Washington and Ottowa’s trust for being the legitimate president. On the other hand Caracas regarded Guaido’s actions as a coup attempt.  Some countries like Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkey, Syria, Serbia and North Korea stated that they supported the Venezuelan government.