Selin ATAY-TDO-Bulgarian authorities reportedly deported a diplomat from the Russian Federation's Embassy in Sofia on the grounds that he 'collected classified information' about Bulgaria.

The prosecutor’s office said it had received information from the national security agency about the diplomat and an investigation “fully confirmed the allegations.”There are “grounds” to charge a first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria for espionage, the Special Prosecution in Sofia said in a statement without naming the person.

It said that the Russian diplomat- first secretary at Moscow’s embassy in Sofia -  was involved in gathering intelligence for nearly a year from September 2018. The diplomat had regular meetings with Bulgarians, including a senior official with access to classified information about Bulgaria, the EU and NATO, and had offered them compensation in exchange for the information.

A Russian diplomat was recalled over espionage after Bulgarian authorities failed to raise charges against him due to his immunity.Bulgaria’s foreign ministry said Monday it had asked the Russian ambassador in Sofia to recall a diplomat accused of spying

Russia's Embassy in Bulgaria did not provide any statement on the incident.

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