Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The number of British firms moving to the Netherlands has been steadily rising since the UK left the European Union.

According to the Dutch Foreign Investment Agency, in 2017 the number of companies moving from the UK to the Netherlands was 38, while in 2019 this number doubled to 78 firms. Since 2016, at least 140 firms have moved from the UK to the Netherlands.

About 425 British companies concerned about reaching European markets are also seriously reviewing the move to the country, the Dutch Foreign Investment Agency said in a statement.

Multinational firms based in the UK are more worried post-Brexit, with those companies opting for the Netherlands for a yen base in Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, the top attractive cities for companies come Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris, and Luxembourg.

However, the British government has announced its new points-based immigration system, which it claims will open the country post-Brexit to the brightest and best in the world. It will now look at the level of English, occupation and education of everyone, including citizens of the European Union.

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