By Adel Tayari –TDO- (TUNUSIA) The British Foreign Office on Wednesday (July 26th) lifted the travel restrictions of its citizens to Tunisia, excluding some sites in the center and south of the country as well as border areas with Algeria and Libya

For reference Britain was prevented from traveling to Tunisia after the terrorist attack in the tourist region of Sousse, Kantaoui in June 2015, which killed 30 British tourists, and the British Foreign Office called on its citizens to avoid traveling to Tunisia, except for "necessity".

Since the terrorist attack in Sousse, the British government has cooperated well with the Tunisian authorities to investigate terrorist attacks and terrorist groups' threats.  The British government acknowledged "the improvement of security protection in the most important cities and tourist centers in Tunisia and that the Tunisian security forces are still at the maximum alert in the capital Tunis and in other areas". At the same time, it recommends British tourists to show vigilance and comply with the recommendations of Tunisian security authorities and travel agencies.

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