News Center –TDO- Brazil’s Ambassador to Turkey Eduardo Riccardo Gradilone and his spouse hosted a reception at Brazilian Embassy, Ankara on the purpose of celebrating the 160th anniversary of ‘Turkish-Brazilian Diplomatic Relations’ and ‘Brazilian Navy Day’.

Ambassador Eduardo Riccardo Gradilone and his spouse Diva Gradilone greeted the guests. The guest list of the reception included heads of foreign missions, military attaches in Ankara, as well as officials from Turkish Armed Forces and local journalists.

The pianist Erol Erdinç and his wife Vera Erdinç presented the Brazilian music "Bossa Nova" and a mixed piano recital composed of pieces of Turkish music which attracted great attention from the guests. 

Following the singing of the national anthems of the two countries, Ambassador Gradilone presented the "Tamandare Merit" medal to Colonel Carlos Henrique Afonso Silva, a defense attaché in Ankara.

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