Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The new UK prime minister was Boris Johnson. In the vote between Conservative Party members, Johnson received 92,153 votes, while his rival Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt received nearly 47,000 votes.

Following Theresa May, who resigned as prime minister in recent months, Johnson was chosen to become the leader of the Conservative Party, and is known as one of Brexit's chief architects, who will remove Britain from EU membership.

In his speech after the announcement of the results, Boris Johnson said that he would make an effort to realize Brexit and unite the country. Johnson also said that it is time to work.

Boris Johnson said he intends to move his country out of the European Union by the end of October, adding that they would like to sit at the negotiating table again with the EU for a new agreement.

More recently, Boris Johnson is in front of challenging tasks such as Brexit negotiations and new trade agreements.

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