Mustafa AY - TDO - 03.10.2017 USA was stunned with the bloody carnage causing 58 dead and over 500 injured to occur in the first hours of Monday. Bloody carnage targeted people from many nations that were enjoyed in multicultural music festival in Las Vegas. That the assail was led by Stephen Paddock -64-years-old US citizen- eliminated the possibility of that a terrorist organization was the mastermind of this attack, for a moment.

Following bloody carnage in Las Vegas, DEAS took accountability of the attack. FBI officials executing the investigation stated that they couldn’t identify the real responsibles of the attack, on account of that attacker committed suicide prior to the police raid. Besides, DEAS did not tell the identity of the attacker, while undertaking responsibility of the attack. For this reason, FBI officials uttered that “there is no proof pointing out DEAS behind this bloody carnage”.     

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