Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) An electoral promise to transfer Tunisian debt to development projects and Sibsi refused to meet him in 2016

The candidate for the presidency of France, Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening, 23 April 2017 after he managed to issue the results of the French presidential election in the first round alongside rival Marin Le Pen, the candidate of the extreme right Said that  he would carry "hope" to France, Macron visited Tunisia last year when he was minister of economics and digital industry and he made a press statement in which he stressed that if he wins the French elections, he will bring the largest industrialists to Tunisia to revive its economy, "I will do my best to turn Tunisia's debt in France into development projects," he said.

Tunisians interacted intensively with the results of the first round of the French presidential elections despite the many concerns, interests and burning files in recent days and weeks. After the results, he raised the question of the repercussions on Tunisia, especially since Macron seems to be on the road to the Elysee after the other prominent competitors announced their support for his candidacy after leaving the first round.

The reason for asking the Tunisians about the possible relationship between Tunisia and Macron is not only his previous promises in 2016 towards Tunisia, but a strange incident in 2016 when Tunisian President Béji Caid Sibsi refused to meet Emmanuel Macron. This is what experts in Tunisia considered a failure of the president and his advisory staff to read the political developments in France and to look into his future. This has raised fear of a possible reaction from Emmanuel Macron to Tunisia, which could be the decline of France's support or its provision of unfair terms that are not in Tunisia's interests.

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