News Centre – TDO- Belarus’ Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Savinykh and his spouse Vera Savinykh have hosted a reception at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel to mark the occasion of Belarus’ Independence Day.

The reception was attended by Russia’s Ambassador in Ankara Alexei Yerhov, Iran’s Ambassador in Ankara Mohammed Ibrahim Taheriyan Fard and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Undersecretary Ambassador Murat Ateş, as well as representatives from many diplomatic missions.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Savinykh remarked that relations between Turkey and Belarus had always developed along the lines of partnership and friendliness and said “The historical fact that Turkey was the first country to recognise Belarus’ independence is the symbol of friendship and understanding between the two countries.”

Ambassador Savinykh concluded by saying “Long live Belarus, long live Turkey, long live Belarus-Turkey ties.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Undersecretary Ambassador Ateş congratulated Belarus on its Independence Day and said that they were pleased that over the long years, relations between the two countries had developed constantly.

Ambassador Ateş said “President Erdoğan's 2016 visit to Belarus was a historical turning point.”

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