News Center-TDO-A reception was held at the JW Marriot Hotel in Ankara for the AustrianNational Day hosted by Johannes Wimmer, Austrian Ambassador to Ankara.

Özgür Kıvanç Altan, Deputy Director General of Northern European Affairsat the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, many foreign mission representatives working in Ankara, diplomats and guesses attended the reception.

The reception started with singing of the national anthems of two countries after Ambassador Wimmer welcomed the guests at the door.

In his speech, Ambassador Wimmer said "Turkey is a truly fascinating and beautiful place. My wife and I are delighted to live here and getting to know Turkey, with its rich culture, history and people".

Emphasizing that they remember the political and economic achievements of their country since its establishment, Ambassador Wimmer said that they attach importance to focus on common points in domestic and foreign policy.

"While serving Austria in Turkey, I see contributing to the common sides of two countries as my fundamental responsibility. The commonalities of both countriesare based on a relationship with strong historical roots and are reflected in our excellent bilateral relations in all fields and vibrant economic purchase,” Ambassador Wimmer added.

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