News Center -TDO- Brunei Darusselam’s Embassy in Turkey hosted the “ASEAN Flag Day” event.

Turkey ambassadors of ASEAN countries, Asia-Pacific Department of Foreign Affairs Namık Güner Erpul and other guests attended to the event.

The ASEAN chairmanship, which changed every 6 months, moved from Vietnam to Brunei until the end of 2019. At the entrance to the Embassy, ​​the flag of ASEAN was raised next to the Brunei flag.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Mohammad Shafiee Bin Haji Kassım celebrated the 52nd anniversary of ASEAN's foundation, recalling his country's accession to the union in 1984.

Mr. Ambassador said that sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality, national identity, non-involvement in internal affairs, peace settlement of conflicts and effective cooperation are the principles of ASEAN.

Referring to the ASEAN-Turkey cooperation Mr. Ambassador stated that although bilateral trade volume is declining, cooperation in tourism has shown an upward trend.

Ambassador Kassım added that Turkey strongly supports the ASEAN vision of regional peace and stability.

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