Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA)The capital of Tunisia hosted the 8th Arab Left Conference on the theme "Palestine: One Hundred Years of Resistance", which was held on Friday, March 24th, to Sunday, 26 March 2017, with the participation of 28 parties from the Socialist and Communist parties.The conference was attended by left-wing parties, which meet on common aims, including national liberation, to raise a number of recommendations on the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the Balfour Declaration, Terrorism and Religious Wars, their location in the New Middle East Project, Palestinian conflict in the uprisings of the Arab peoples and in the international coalition against terrorism. "This conference was also an important occasion for Arab leftist parties to assess their political performance and how they interact with the various changes that the Arab political scene has undergone.

The Arab left has lost its identity

The leftist activist and former political prisoner and former leader of the Tunisian People's Front Tahir Shakroush stressed in his evaluation of the experience of the Arab left in general and the left of the Tunisian in particular that the Arab left is experiencing a deep crisis in which he lost his identity and reference since the 1990s in connection with the collapse of the socialist system. The negative attitude of China and Albania is no longer a clear intellectual reference, and resorting, to face this shaky position to trade union action and human rights. Shakroush added that the speech of the Arab left throughout this period lost political and intellectual identity and was distinguished by focusing on union work, rights, equality and equality of opportunities between men and women and the deterioration of the purchasing power of the citizen. This led the real leftist activists to leave and stay in the case of independent leftists, Intellectual and organizational disorder in the Tunisian and Arab left, despite his great sacrifices and his contributions to the Arab revolutions.
Shakroush stressed that "this defeated situation led to the popping of the Arab left to countless organizations and a struggle for leadership is not relentless, so when given the opportunity to the people to choose did not choose the left because of its dispersion and absence of clear features and lack of creativity and progress of the changes experienced by the Arab peoples in recent years ".He added: "As far as the left in the sixties and seventies knew the idea of ​​creativity and artistic and literary creations, has declined since the nineties to today and became accustomed to stereotypes and old solutions. However, Shakroush said that the future of the left, despite all these humiliations, is a prerequisite to correct its shortcomings, which is mainly in the demagogic and isolationist thought, pointing out that if the left is left in this form of intellectual stalemate, its status will not change because "zeros" are gathered on fronts that can never build intellectual power and political.

No renewal in the speech of the Arab left

As for the journalist and political analyst Salah al-Din al-Jorshi, he considered that the role of the Tunisian and Arab left is still present despite the great structural difficulties it is suffering, stressing the importance of the presence of left-wing parties in the Arab political arena. Al-Jorshi called on the Arab left to conduct a critical reading of its experiences to overcome the obstacles of the previous stage when it mismanaged political affairs and remained ideologically linked to the stage at which the Marxist ideology was strong. Al-Jorshi stressed that there is no dispute today that the most important challenges that hindered the growth of the leftist movement in Tunisia or any other Arab country is this fragmentation and division that has been going on for years, which revolves around ideological and other issues related to the management of issues.

What is required of the leftist parties today?

Al-Taher Shakroush stressed that what is required today of the Arab left is intellectual renewal and putting the social issue within its framework, i.e., achieving justice for all, making freedom and democracy its way of thinking and activism, and keeping away from clinging to old left-wing ideas that were closed and stuck to the past. Only through dialogue and discussion, the gathering of forces and the investment of the freedom and the people. Al-Jurashi added that Arab leftist parties are called upon to open up to the various social and political forces and to renew their rhetoric and means of action in order to become influential in their peoples.

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