News Centre -TDO- Anna Laudel welcomes the new season with Berlin-based artist Anke Eılergerhard’s solo exhibition "RESILIENCE", showcasing original sculptures produced with a unique technique that stimulates not only sight but also touch, taste, and smell. Opening its doors on Thursday, 24 September, the exhibition hosts a series of fascinating sculptures produced by the artist, using a special silicone material called ("pigmented polyorganosiloxan") and porcelain.

Despite their fragile material, Eilergerhard’s figures combine resilience and resonance, elasticity, and echo. The word "resilience" derives from the Latin verb _"salire"_ meaning to jump, to leap, to spring. Likewise, the sculptures also seem to jump and bounce. Adding the prefix "re" to the verb (re + salire: to jump back, to bounce off, to withdraw) to form "resilient" conveys an even greater elasticity of action based on space and time. The philosopher Francis Bacon used it to describe physical feedback and sound properties of various kinds. Anke Eilergerhard's mobilising sculptural structures are also characterised by a similar resonance and the formation of a very unique vibration space.

Anke Eılergerhard’s "RESILIENCE", her first solo exhibition in Turkey, showcases more than 30 of her new and recent productions including; sculptures, wall-reliefs, and screen printings and can be seen at Anna Laudel until 27 December 2020.

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