Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was shot while he was making a speech at anexhibition opening,in Modern Arts Centre of Çankaya Municipality. It has not clear yet whether it was an assassination or a terror attack. It has been revealed that MevlütMert Altıntaş, the murderer ofKarlov, had close ties with  Gülenist organization. It’s claimed that he was a student of Gülenist exam training centre and all of his education fees were paid by runaway businessman Şahin İlgi. Also, he had joined police forces in 2013 when the suspicious entrance exams were held.

Initially, Kremlin determined the event as a ‘terrorattack’ rather than an assassinationand demanded to join investigations. Regarding the event UNSC has met immediately and members recognized the event as a ‘terroristattack’, condemned it and called for the prosecution of organizers, sponsors and instigators.

Today, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has met with his Russian and Iranian counterparts in Moscow about the Syrian Civil War issue. In the meeting he said ‘’ we will give his name to the street where the Russian Embassy located on. He added ‘’His name will live in both Ankara and in our hearts ‘’.

In the same meeting Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said ‘’ Agitatorstried to delay Russian-Iranian –Turkish meeting. They couldn’t and will not be able to achieve it’’.  He added ‘’ This barbarian murder remind us that fighting against terror must be uncompromising and pitiless.’’

Andrei Karlov, 62, was an experienced diplomat who had started his mission in Turkey on 2 September 2013. He had successful tries to control political limbo between Russia and Turkey,regarding the flight crisis.

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