News Center -TDO- Rotary Club of Ankara International, the only English-speaken Rotary Club in Ankara, organized an International “Örsçelik Balkan ErasmusRyla” meeting on 22-24 March 2019 at Gölbaşı Patalya Hotel in Ankara. Rotary Club members decided to give the name of Örsçelik Balkan to the  Rotary Young Leaders' Awards meeting, who was a member of the Rotary Foundation's Board of Trustees.

International Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees Member Örsçelik Balkan was the first Turkish director in the history of Rotary.

Erasmus students in Ankara, Rotaracters, Rotary Club Chairmen, Ambassadors of England, Ireland, Lithuania, Japan, Sri Lanka and Brazil to Turkey, Unicef Turkey's representative, Unicef ​​Goodwill Ambassador Şefika Kutluer, Baskent University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Varoğlu, former ambassador Halil Uğur, media representatives and Rotary members attended to the meeting.

The meeting, which was organized under the leadership of Çağla Sesen, the president of Ankara International Rotary Club, was opened with the speeches of Rotary Regional President Altan Arslan and future president Hakan Karaalioğlu. Erasmus students from different countries entered the hall with country flags during the opening ceremony of the meeting.

The main event of the meeting was the discussion session on issues related to World Peace held between the ambassadors and students.

During the discussion session, the ambassadors and students discussed the topics including;“Leaders against Future Leaders Debate”, “Positive Peace” or “Negative Peace” which contributes to the sustainability of humanity?”, “Is “Internet” goodfor global peace?”And “Does “War” contribute toeconomicandeducationaldevelopment, or is it a threattoboth?”

Various presentations were made about “Peace” in the event, which was organized by Alabanda Tourism and including tango workshop, yoga lesson, gala dinner, stone painting workshop and street games.

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