Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Wednesday (May 24, 2017) appointed former housing minister Abdelmajid Tabboun as the new prime minister to succeed Abdelmalek Salal, who resigned.

A presidential statement said that Bouteflika appointed Tabboun as prime minister after consultation with the parliamentary majority following the announcement by the Constitutional Council of the final results of the recent parliamentary elections, the inauguration of the parliament on Tuesday (May 23rd), the resignation of his cabinet and the resignation of his government. The appointment of Abdelmajid Tabboun, who is the minister of housing and acting minister of commerce, came as a surprise and a political eloquence from Bouteflika, who gave the impression of renewing his confidence in Abdelmalek Salal after he commissioned him to hold political consultations with political party leaders to participate in the government. The appointment of Abdelmajid Tabboun is completely contrary to the assertions of the Secretary-General of the National Liberation Front party Gamal Ould Abbas, who confirmed in press statements last week, from the site of the informed and confirmed, that President Bouteflika commissioned Abdelmalek Salal to run consultations to form a government, the statements made by Gamal Ould Abbas gave the impression that Bouteflika had shaken the party leadership in this regard and that the party had agreed to assign Salal before showing that the party winning the election was not aware of Tabboun 's appointment.

Abdulmajid Tabboun is one of the most prominent ministers who have emerged in the government of Abdelmalek Sallal recently, especially after he adopted in recent months, as Acting Minister of Commerce, a series of bold decisions concerning the cessation of the importation of many materials and commodities, Agricultural products, and set quotas for the supply of some other goods. And prior to 2005, Abdul Majeed Tabboun was suspected of involvement in the private-banking scandal (banc El Khalifa) when he was housing minister before he was acquitted by the court.

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