Algerian legislative elections


Weak participation and the ruling party and its allies win a majority of seats..

Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) The Algerian legislative elections held on Thursday (May 4th) saw no surprise. The ruling National Liberation Front and its allies dominated the parliamentary majority, allowing them to pass all the laws provided by the government.

The participation rate was estimated at 38.25%, as about eight million Algerians out of the more than 23 million registered in the electoral lists participated in the elections, which is weak despite the government's efforts to encourage Algerians to participate in the elections which took place amid an atmosphere dominated by the financial crisis as a result of falling oil prices and doubts about the health situation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.  The ruling National Liberation Front (NFL) led the results of parliamentary elections with 164 seats out of 462 in parliament. While the National Democratic Rally allied with the Liberation Front in the government in the second place with 97 seats, followed by the alliance of the Movement of the Islamic Peace Society (opposition) with 33 seats, and Algeria’s Rally of Hope won 19 seats, the independents list 28 seats, the Union for Justice and Building 15 seats, and the Algerian People's Movement 13 seats.The Socialist Forces Party won 14 seats, the same as the Future Front party, while the Labor Party won 11 seats. The Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) won nine seats, the Republican National Alliance (GNA) won eight seats, the National Accord Movement (NCC) four seats.

At a time when the rest of the parties that participated in the elections - 22 parties – won two seats or one seat in parliament.According to Algerian media, the 2017 legislation was characterized by the important number of canceled papers, and quoted footage of what she said were fraud after closing the polling stations, while some areas witnessed isolated incidents of violence targeting a number of polling stations.

And the head of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Abdulwahab Darbal, announced that the Commission has received 230 notifications from various participating parties regarding the conduct of the electoral process.

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