After the meeting of Khalifa Haftar and Fayez Al-Sarraj in Abu Dhabi


International optimism to solve the Libyan crisis and anger in Tripoli

Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA)The head of the Libyan national reconciliation government, Faiz Al-Sarraj, met last Tuesday in Abu Dhabi Retired general Khalifa Haftar to end a 16-month-old crisis that has undermined diplomatic efforts to unify the country since 2011.

Commenting on the meeting, the rescue government of the Libyan National Congress said that the meeting of the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar with the President of the Presidential Council of the National Reconciliation Government, Fayez Al-Sarraj last Thursday in Abu Dhabi is a meeting between a retired citizen does not have political status with someone who represents a group "usurped" of power in Tripoli, as she put it. The government of rescue said also - in a statement - that the meeting came amid a media campaign, suspicious to show the meeting as a solution to the Libyan crisis, the Government of Salvation considered that the marketing of this scene gave way to the military to intervene in politics, control the resources of Libya and return to the reigns of tyranny. Libyan State Councilor Wahid Barchan also described the meeting of Al-Seraj and Haftar as sudden and provocative, and criticized what we called the hidden meetings, which does not know one of its objectives.

The French Press Agency quoted sources close to Haftar that the meeting with Al-Seraj came after international and Arab mediation, Reuters also quoted a source in Abu Dhabi that it was agreed to open permanent channels of communication and the formation of two working groups to complete an agreement on the details of the formation of a government and military arrangements between officers from all regions.

There was no official statement after the meeting or comment from the National Accord government, but sources close to Haftar said he had held a meeting with Al-Sahraj for two hours, describing the talks as positive.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Thursday (May 4th) welcomed the meeting of Haftar and Al-Sarraj,and during a short visit to Tripoli, Johnson called on Libyans to use the meeting to pave the way for Libyan reconciliation and unity.

In a related context, the UN Special Envoy to Libya Martin Kobler said that the meeting of Al-Sarraj and Haftar represents "an essential step towards the implementation of the political agreement." And he described the meeting as historical in a tweet to him on his Twitter account   calling on Libyans to support such meetings between different parties.

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