The Martyrdom of a Policeman and Killed ThreeTerrorists

Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNUSIA)It occurred yesterday ,on March 11,in Tunisia terrorist operation signed specifically in the village of Jnaourha of the province Kebilli in the south of Tunisia... The outcome of this terrorist attack was the martyrdom of one policeman and the wounding of two police officers, one of them in a critical position After they were attacked by four terrorists were on board two motorcycles were car bombs. They opened fire on them with automatic weapons.

Security forces returned fire, killing two terrorists and wounded a third Terrorist and The search continued on the fourth terrorist who escaped from the attack site.

It was not announced that any terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack, but the accusations addressed to the "Ansar al-Sharia" of the "Daesh".

For reference, this terrorist operation took place after more than a year in which Tunisia did not know any terrorist attack on cities.

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