News Centre –TDO – The 9th International Şefika Kutluer Festival, held with the support of the Slovakian Embassy in Ankara, has begun.

The concert at the Ankara Nazım Hikmet Congress and Arts Centre was attended by Slovakia’s Ambassador to Turkey Anna Turenicova, Mayor of Yenimahalle district Fethi Yaşar, flute virtuoso Şefika Kutluer, Sevinç İnönü and heads of foreign missions.

In her speech, Şefika Kutluer said that they were holding the ninth iteration of the festival and were proud to be representing Turkey around the world.

Kutluer said this year’s theme was “East meets West” and added “As an artist, my duty is to form bonds of love between countries, and I do this through music.”

Stating that she was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Kutluer said “We organise this festival as two people. Me and my spouse Refik. We are a two-person army. We are the soldiers of Ataturk.”

Kutluer said that the festival, which will last until December 21st, will feature performances, exhibitions and presentations from around the world in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.

Fethi Yaşar, Mayor of Yenimahalle, said that art was a means of humanity’s search for the reason for its existence and that it lifted boundaries between countries.

Ambassador Anna Turenicova said in her speech that the festival brought peace-lovers together.

Stating that the East would meet the West in this festival, Turenicova said “We are very happy that the opportunity to open this prestigious event was given us.”

Turenicova said that they had especially chosen the Bratislava Children’s Choir for the opening of the festival and added “Why have we brought these boys to perform for a Turkish audience? Because the Turkish people love children. When I fly with Turkish Airlines, the announcements begin with ‘Ladies, gentlemen and dear children.’ I hope you will enjoy the performance.”

Following the speeches, the Bratislava Children’s Choir sang the national anthems of Turkey and Slovakia and performed a concert accompanied by a piano recital.

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