News Center –TDO- China’s worldwide known Zhejiang Wu Opera was performed by musicians and dancers at the closing event of the fest, which was hosted by Yenimahalle Municipality and China Embassy at Nazım Hikmet Culture and Art Center. 

In the event, Refik Kutluer, the economist husband of Şefika Kutluer, made a presentation about protecting cultural values, of which title was “Recognizing for Protecting”.

China’s Ambassador to Turkey Yu Hongyang delivered a speech and indicated the good relationship between China and Turkey. He said: “Two thousand years before our day, Silk Road (trading route) connected these two countries and their people to each other.”

Emphasizing that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between these two countries has developed very extensive relations, Ambassador Yu said: “Art and culture delegations of China and Turkey are working better with each other day by day.”

Ambassador Yu added: “We hold bilateral cultural events in 2012 and 2013 with Turkey. And in the past months, we organized a series of good activities as part of “2018: Year of the Turkish Tourism” concept.

Ambassador Yu noted that Chinese people have more interest to Turkish culture since the cultural agreements signed by Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy during his visit to China. 

Ambassador Yu said, "Turkey has become one of the most preferred tourism destinations by Chinese people. This year, by the end of September, the number of tourists arriving from China to Turkey has increased approximately 83%.”

Flute virtuoso Şefika Kutluer, presented a plaque to China’s Ambassador to Turkey Yu Hongyang for his supports.


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