News Center -TDO-China’s Ambassador to Turkey Deng Li and Chinese Military Attaché Qingsong Chen hosted a reception at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel in consequence of 92th anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

President of the Defense Industry İsmail Demir, diplomats, military mission representatives and many other guests attended to the reception.

Speaking at the 92th anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Deng Li thanked everyone who attended the reception for coming. "The People's Liberation Army was established during the times when the old China drowned in poverty, weakness, internal and external problems, strengthened in the struggle for survival for our national liberation, and the new China He made indispensable contributions to the survival of the world and standing upright in the east of the world, and he is a determined defender of China's interests in sovereignty, security and development.

The People's Liberation Army of China is a soldier of the Chinese people, always standing by the people, always arriving at the first place where the people need it. Thus, it has managed to win the love and support of the people,"he said.

Describing the continuous development of Chinese-Turkish relations in recent years, Deng Li said, President Erdogan recently made a successful visit to China. The two leaders exchanged in-depth views on the strengthening of bilateral relations. We believe that the communication and cooperation between the two armies under the leadership of the two leaders will be improved non-stop and positive results will be achieved.

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