News Center-TDO- Raul Hernandez, Ambassador of Philippines to Ankara and his wife Algabre Hernandez hosted a reception on the occasion of "70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Turkey - Philippines Diplomatic Relations" in Ankara HiltonSA.

Ziya Selçuk, the Minister of National Education, representatives of foreign missions in Ankara and many guests attended the reception.

In his speech, Ambassador Raul Hernandez said the friendship agreement between the Republic of Philippines and the republic of Turkey is strongly adhered. “This year, our two great nations celebrate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and this is a historic milestone in the bilateral relations that the Philippines attaches great importance to.Philippines and Turkey have laid the foundation for broad bilateral relations together. We cooperate in defense, tourism and education. All of these include links between cultures and people. Since we are both aware of the high economic potential of our countries, our trade and investments are growing. Without our cooperation in Mindanao, our partnership cannot be completed. Philippines attach a higher importance toTurkey's long-standing support for the peace process in Mindanao, particularly through independent bodies and international arms inspection teams. Our diplomatic relations are strengthened by the developments in the neighboring regions of both countries and the changing world order. Thanks to its complementary position in the region, the Philippines is at the heart of this global change in power and influence. This is much more significantbecause the Philippines is Turkey's oldest diplomatic partner in Southeast Asia. With the strong support of the Philippines, Turkey has been the sectoral dialogue partner of ASEAN. Philippines and Turkey do not share common values only. They also share a deep understanding of our common future. This understanding confirms that we are natural partners in our relationship and that we can continue to strengthen strategically,” he said.

In his speech, Minister Selçuk said the Philippines is an important actor in its region and a great friend to Turkey. "I want to emphasize that the Philippines in the Asia-Pacific region is an important partner for Turkey. We would like to deepen and diversify our cooperation with the Philippines in all areas, especially in light of the New Asia Initiative. In this context, we welcome the initiative of the Philippines to open a Consulate General in Istanbul. Philippines, as an emerging economy in theAsia-Pacific region, has become an emerging trade partner for Turkey in the region. Our bilateral trade volume still does not reflect the real potential of two countries, but there is a high potential to work on. The first meeting of the Turkey-Philippines Joint Economic Commission, held in Ankara in February 2018, was an important opportunity for the diversificationand expansion of our economic relations,"he said.

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