News Center -TDO-A seminar was hosted by Slovakia's Ambassador to Turkey, Anna Tureničová, on the 30th anniversary of The Velvet Revolution, attended by Pavol Demes as speaker.

The seminar, held at a hotel on Alexander Dubcek Street, was attended by former foreign minister Yaşar Yakış, representatives of the mission in Ankara and invited guests.

After Pavol Demes ' speech on The Velvet Revolution and the Czechs and Slovaks, the seminar ended.

In Czechoslovakia, on November 7, 1989, thousands of university students gathered in Prague to peacefully celebrate International Student day. But the police, who blocked roads in peaceful actions, responded by imposing harsh intervention on the students. Further protests broke out in the country. The Citizens ' Forum was established in Prague on 19 November. The Forum was created from dissenters, church representatives, students and artists. Dissident playwright Vaclav Havel became the unofficial leader of this formation. Almost daily protests have formed a consensus. On 24 November, top executives, including Communist Party Secretary General Milos Jakesh, resigned. Following the resignations, Eastern Europe's most repressive communist dictatorship collapsed. In the election held on 29 November, Opposition Leader Vaclav Havel took the seat of the presidency. With the collapse of repressive communism, the transition for the country began. The Parliament of Czechoslovakia was also peacefully disbanded in 1992, following growing nationalist tensions. On January 1, 1993, two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, were formed.

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