News Center -TDO- A reception was held at Atakule in Ankara for the 30th anniversary of the re-independence of Lithuania, hosted by Lithuanian Ambassador to Turkey Audrius Bruzga and his spouse Imsre Sabaliunas Brüzgiene.

The reception was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister and EU Minister Faruk Kaymakcı, ambassadors, military attachés, representatives of foreign missions and many invited guests.

At the reception, which began with the playing of the national anthems of the two countries, Ambassador Bruzga, who gave the keynote speech, said: “30 years ago, my country, Lithuania, regained its independence, restored democracy and started rebuilding the country's economy. Today, after 30 years, I can proudly say that Lithuania has done a great job. Lithuania is now a member of the European Union, NATO and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements is that Lithuania has friendly relations not only with our immediate neighbors, but also with Turkey, with more distant countries.

This year, Turkey and Lithuania will mark the 90th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. This will be an opportunity to reflect on a long tradition of cooperation between the two countries based on trust, respect and mutual interest.

Mevlut Cavusoglu and Linas Linkevičius will certainly appreciate the increasing volume of trade. Earlier this year, the first meeting on the decisions of the JETCO will think, but most importantly, will continue the dialogue on today's most pressing issues: peace in Syria; Middle East stability; security in the Baltic Sea from the Black Sea; NATO Readiness; technological and environmental challenges on a global scale, and more.

In all these matters, Turkey and Lithuania and indeed many countries represented here have a say. Only through dialogue, diplomacy and cooperation can we make a difference.

During the five years of my tenure in Turkey, I have made a lot of progress in this country. I have witnessed a tremendous force of Will to take advantage of Turkey's prosperous, secure and universal human rights. In my humble capacity, I had a stake in establishing bilateral and European relations with Turkey. I've had good results but I've also seen missed opportunities and I regret it.

This is the last National Day reception in Ankara. As my spouse Imsrė and I prepare to leave this great country at the end of our mission here, we are confident that Turkey has a great future and that the Lithuania - Turkey friendship will continue to grow and mature. We are committed to strengthening these bonds of friendship in every way possible and wherever we go.

In this context, in cooperation with local municipalities and with the support of our Honorary Consuls Mine Gül and Mehmet Şahin, I want you to know that today the 30th anniversary tree was planted in Antalya and Alanya by our Lithuanian community in Turkey.

Long Live Lithuania-Turkey friendship!”

In his speech, Deputy Foreign Minister and EU Minister Faruk Kaymakcı celebrated Lithuania's independence by referring to bilateral relations between Turkey and Lithuania.

The reception ended with the cutting of the celebratory cake.

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