News Center –TDO- Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekulı hosted a reception at JW Marriot Hotel, Ankara on the purpose of celebrating the 27th anniversary of ‘Kazakhstan Independence Day’ and ‘26th Anniversary of the bilateral relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan’. 

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekulı greeted the guests. Yalçın Topçu (Key Advisor to the President), Temel Karamollaoğlu (Chairman, Saadet Party) and Kürşad Tüzemen (former State Minister) attended to the reception. The guest list of the reception also included heads of foreign missions, military attaches in Ankara, as well as officials from Turkish Armed Forces and local journalists.

Following the singing of the national anthems of the two countries, Ambassador Saparbekulı delivered a speech in which he said “Bilateral relations between these two countries are improving day by day in the frame of strategic partnership. Kazakhstan has always been supportive to Turkey and Turkish people. As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; independence is our characteristic feature.”

Yalçın Topçu, Key advisor to the President, also made a speech at the reception. He said: “I congratulate my Kazakh friends’ 27th Independence Day. Kazakhstan is a reputable and respected country that contributes to international conflicts with peaceful solutions. Distinguished guests, after the collapse of the Soviet Union Nazarbayev, the national leader of the country, closed the nuclear corridor on the territory of Kazakhstan and signed a protocol of vision to reduce nuclear weapons. Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan, is a highly developed city with its developed infrastructure and unique architectural design and has been a capital contributing to the security and peace of the country, the region and the world.

Those who gave a short life to Kazakhstan were disappointed. The wise leaders of the brotherly people of Kazakhstan carried out in the last 20 years that many countries could not succeed for centuries, under the leadership of the trustworthy leader Nursultan Nazarbayev. ”

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