News Center-TDO- Akio Miyajima, Japanese Ambassador to Ankara, hosted an event for the opening of the 2019 Japan Fest at Turkish-Japanese Foundation. Chiefs of mission, academics and guests from Ankara attended to the event. In his opening speech, Ambassador Miyajima thanked the Turkish and Japanese officials who contributed to the organization of the festival. Indicating that he visited 34 cities in Turkey since he was commissioned, Miyajima said "I recieve a warm welcome everywhere and I am glad to have it”.

Miyajima reminded that Japanese Emperor Naruhito was crowned this week as part of the Reiwa (Harmonization of Order) period that began in his country. Miyajama expressed his gratitude towards the delegation that attended to the coronation ceremony, "Although Turkey and Japan are far away geographically, our hearts are close to each other" he said.

After the speeches, guests had the opportunity to listen to the concert of contemporary jazz artists Aki Takase and Daniel Erdmann. The festival will continue until 23 November with movie screenings in different cities, energy symposiums, judo tournament, Japanese speech competition, art gallery, tea ceremony and conferences.

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