News Center-TDO- Kazakhstan's Embassy in Ankara held an event on the 175th anniversary of the birth of Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayoglu.

The event, hosted by Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuli, was attended by former Culture Minister Namık Kemal Zeybek, President of the Eurasian Writers' Union Yakup Ömeroğlu and poet and writer Zafer Kibar, as well as a small number of guests due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Former Culture Minister Zeybek, in his speech here, noted that the poet Kunanbayoğlu is the founder of Contemporary Kazakh literature and thanked the writer Zafer Kibar, who successfully translated Kunanbayoglu's works into Turkish.

Ambassador Saparbekuli, in his speech here, expressed that the event held for the 175th year of Kunanbayoglu's birth was very important for them and said: "Abay Kunanbayoglu is the common value not only of the Kazakh people, but of the entire Turkish world and even of humanity. It is a symbol of spirituality and culture. Kunanbayoğlu has conquered the heart of the whole Turkish world with his pen and thoughts. It is a vivid example of the poet's unique work, selfless service to his homeland, as well as commitment to national and universal values.”

Ambassador Saparbekuli continued his speech as follows: "Abay Kunanbayoglu is a great poet, scholar, thinker, educator, founder of the new national literature, translator and composer. Taking the richness of Kazakh oral literature, it synthesized the cultural values of the East and West, forming the basis of modern Kazakh literature."

Yakup Ömeroğlu, President of the Eurasian Writers ' Union, who participated in the event, stated that Kunanbayoğlu had done very important works for Kazakh literature and language and said: "Abay opened Kazakh thought and spirit to the new time without breaking away from the old."

After the speeches, Ambassador Saparbekuli presented the Order of friendship to poet and writer Zafer Kibar for his works which brought Kunanbayoğlu's works into Turkish.

Zafer Kibar expressed his satisfaction with the award given to him and continued as follows: "it is a real possibility for us to find me worthy of such an award even though we do not have any official title or any position of financial interest to Kazakhstan. The Cossacks are a powerful, powerful and bright people.”

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