News Center-TDO- 01.07.2017- Ambassador of Canada to Turkey, Chris Cooter, hosted a reception and a party in his resident regarding the 150th birthday of Canada.

Several respected guests from diverse occupations joined the event. Turkish Minister of Customs and Trade, Bulent Tüfenkçi was among the participants too.

The program was started with Cooter’s speech.  He indicated that, respecting the 150th birthday of his country, there would be various events and festivals focusing on three main topics through 2017.  First topic is diversity.  He stated that Canada was a country of a mix and would continue to welcome refugees, migrants and investors. 

The second topic is ‘’ reconciliation’’. He said they need to highlight their humanitarian side and show even their citizens who did not treated well in the past that they’re fair now.

The third topic is ‘’creating opportunities for youth and the environment’’.  He heralded that the first Canada Park which includes 150 deodars, was built in cooperation with TEMA  and the Municipality of Yenimahalle.

After his speech, the program continued with wonderful performances of Group Izgi, DJ Ahmet and treat of traditional foods.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the party was the moment when 150 white and red (common colors of Turkish and Canadian flags) balloons on which Ataturk’s famous saying ‘’ Peace at home, Peace at World’’ was written, were released to the air.

Happy birthday Canada!

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