News Centre –TDO- The opening of the 14. Ankara Japanese Film Festival took place on 16 February 2018 with the hosting of the Japanese Ambassador to Ankara at Büyülü Fener Movie Theater in Ankara.

Festival is being held with the title of “The movies with the theme of youth”. The movies that will be screened as a part of the festival which will last until February 22 will be free of charge.

The movies that will meet with the audience at the festival will be screened with Turkish subtitles.

Many movies including Director Katsuyuki Motohiro’s “When the Curtain Opened” and Yuki Tanada’s “Romans” will be free of charge within the scope of the festival. The movie festival is a part of the “2018 Japan Festival” which is being organized by the Japanese Embassy during February-March. 

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