News Center -TDO- The panel "Nursultan Nazarbayev, the wise leader on the way to the Union of Turkish States", organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Relations Association (EkoAvrasya), was held in Ankara Anadolu Hotels Downtown.

The panel was attended by Kazakhstan Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly, EkoAvrasya Chairman Hikmet Eren, former Health Minister HalilŞıvgın, former Transport Minister Enis Öksüz, Mamak Mayor Murat Köse, deputies, bureaucrats, academics, association managers and invited guests.

EkoAvrasya Chairman Hikmet Eren, who made the opening speech, stated that he had contributed to relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan for 14 years.

Eren said Nazarbayev was a leader who adopted the "model of Turkey and Ataturk".

"With its rich resources and vast territory, Nazarbayev has made his country one of the fastest developing countries," Eren said, adding that the Kazakh leader had made great contributions to the "Turkish world concept.”

"We need to see the difference between where he took and where he left," said Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar, the rector of Cappadocia University, referring to the period from 1990, when Nazarbayev came to rule the country, until March, when he left office.

"Not only Nazarbayev's contributions to world peace and humanity, but his legacy to the Turkish nation is great," Karasar said.

Karasar stated that the Kazakhs had lost their history, culture and literature in the genocides and social traumas experienced in history, and that the Kazakh population had fallen by half as a result of wars and starvation. Karasar stated that all these were survived by the leaders of the Kazakh nation, 21 of these leaders. He said Nazarbayev was the last leader to inherit ideas and ideals.

Abzal Saparbekuly, the ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey, said that December 1 was celebrated as "the day of the founding president of Kazakhstan" and that Kazakhstan has made major reforms since the declaration of independence and has made fundamental changes in political and economic life. "Kazakhstan is now an industrial country and one of the strongest economies in its region, while it was an agricultural country under the Soviet regime," he said, noting that his country was left impoverished during the Soviet Union and defeated it under the leadership of Kazakhstan's Founding President, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"Nazarbayev means Country, Land, homeland for us. How the Turkish nation prides itself on Atatürk and we boast about Nazarbayev," he said.

In order to understand Nazarbayev, Saparbekuly stated that childhood and youth should be looked at, and noted that he grew up in a simple family and was thrown into life on his own at an early age.

"He saw the Hard Times of the Cossacks in his childhood, the disappearance of the Kazakh language, his inability to see his own history in the history books was very affecting to him," Saparbekuly said.

The rise of the Soviet-led Politburo did not give enough importance to Kazakhs, his country was exposed to great poverty Saparbekuly noted, when Kazakhstan gained independence the country's inflation was measured in thousands, people could not find jobs and did not receive salaries.

Since that time the country now under the leadership of Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan, carrying 3 times the country's gross domestic product grew 9 percent poverty and said that there was Sparkle, "Kazakhstan when the Soviet regime no longer agricultural land in an industrial country and one of the strongest economies in the region," he said.

Saparbekuly, referring to the importance of unity of the Turkish States, "Turkey's presence, its strength will always continue to give us strength. We need to be strong as the whole Turkish world," he said.

Mamak Mayor Murat Köse said that Nazarbayev held the love of the country and the nation above all interests and moved his country between the leading states of Asia "with the awareness of resurrection".

The Panel was continued with the," The Rise of Asia and Nazarbayev” session chaired by Prof. Dr. Senol Kantarcı, Akdeniz University Faculty Member and "Return to cultural essence and Nazarbayev"  sessions chaired by Prof. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz, President Of The Association Of Caucasian Universities.

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