News Center -TDO-A photo exhibition titled “My Romania”, hosted by Romanian Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Catalin Sopanda and his wife Lavinia Ochea, opened with a reception at the embassy.

The reception was attended by representatives of the foreign missions in Ankara and invited guests.

The photo exhibition “My Romania”, organized on the occasion of the December 1, 2019 Romanian National Day celebration and with the contributions of artist Filiz Çarkoğlu and editor Kadir Erten, was organized by diplomats working at the Romanian Embassy. The idea of opening the exhibition arose from the love of the diplomats for their own country and their willingness to promote their country. The 25 photographs in the exhibition were taken in different parts of Romania with professional cameras by diplomats, and the visuals were projected through their own eyes.

The photographs, taken by the five diplomats, range from Transylvania to Moldova to the Wallachia region; beautiful landscapes, buildings of historical and cultural significance. It contains works reflecting the life and people of Romania.

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