News Center -TDO- The red Carpet Screening Event “Maria, the heart of Romania’ was held at Atakule on March 10, 2020, in celebration of International Women's day, hosted by Romanian Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Catalin Sopanda and his wife and Romanian Embassy Cultural Attaché Lavinia Ochea.

The event was attended by about 120 guests, including Viorel Chesaru, director of the documentary ‘Maria, the heart of Romania’, ambassadors, diplomatic representatives in Ankara, and representatives of the political, academic and business world.

The event was followed by brief speeches by Romanian Ambassador Gabriel Catalin Sopanda and Viorel Chesaru, director of the documentary ‘Maria, the heart of Romania’.

The documentary "Maria, the heart of Romania" is an international project developed and produced over the course of three years about the life of Queen Maria, comments from historians have been taken to tell her story.

The Film was screened within the History Channel 2020 programme and won an award by the French Chamber of Commerce as best documentary film reflecting the historical events ending in the First World War, Romania and the Queen's contributions and the Great Unification.

Film, TIFF - International Transilvania Film Festival, Buckingham Palace, Washington D.C has been shown in Chicago and Munich. Queen Maria was Queen of Romania during the period 1914-1927, Queen Victoria of Great Britain and King Maria II of Russia. He was the grandson of Alexandru and King of Romania. She is Ferdinand's wife. The first World War made her a national hero, and in the most critical notes, she actively participated in the front in person, encouraging the wounded and soldiers, for which she was referred to as ‘Mother Queen’ ,’Mother of the wounded’ and ‘ Soldier Queen’.

At a time when women's participation in political life and society was not acceptable, after the First World War, Queen Maria had the courage to ask the French statesman for help in the return of Transilivania to TISA and Banat to Romania.

Queen Maria's abilities in foreign policy sought not only to represent the country, but also to consolidate the status of Romania's regional power by facilitating the construction of a network of dynastic alliances.

She will turn Queen Maria into a World star with her innate charm and elitism, which has made Romania known all over the world.

She has been the subject of thousands of pages written in Romanian and world literature, with her beauty and grace, her intelligence and knowledge, her charm and the strength of her presence, her devotion to the country and her family, her ability as an "irresistible ambassador".

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