News Center -TDO-India’s Ambassador to Turkey Sanjay Bhattacharyya, made statements at a press conference regarding the end of the privileged status of Jammu Kashmir and the division of the region into Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh Union Land.

The Indian government abolished some non-operational provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution and on 5 August 2019 introduced the bill to restructure Jammu and Kashmir in parliament to establish unity zones for Ladakh and Jammu-Kashmir.

Ambassador Bhattacharyya said,“The reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir is not unusual. After independence, since 1953, and most recently in 2014, the territories of the States and the Union were rearranged in various ways. The aim behind such rearrangements is to address regional inequality and improve administrative efficiency.”

Mr. Ambassador also added “The Government does not intend to alter the boundaries or LOC (control line) in any way. The nature of governance, the functioning of the economy and society required gradual application of constitutional provisions to Jammu and Kashmir over time. Therefore, since 1950, when the Constitution of India entered into force, 54 Presidential Legislative and Regulatory Orders were issued to the States under Article 370. The most recent of these orders was the GST (Goods and Services Tax) application published in 2017 and the promotion order issued in 2019. These orders reflected a process of integration in which the management of Jammu and Kashmir was gradually synchronized with the rest of the country.

The integration process has slowed down due to acquired rights and discriminatory considerations, which have caused the rest of the country to benefit, but the Jammu and Kashmir people have no access to development benefits and socio-economic processes. Some provisions of Article 370 limited investment, purchase of real estate, education, economic developments and employment opportunities. Article 370 is also unfair because it makes permanent discriminatory regulations and laws against women, child protection programs, and representation of women in village councils.”

Ambassador Bhattacharyya said, “These issues are inherently internal affairs provided by the Indian Constitution under the Indian Government. These measures are aimed at enriching governance, strengthening development and bringing Jammu Kashmir and Leh to the level of national development and prosperity.”

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