News Center -TDO- ‘Hucas De Lambayeque’ Photo Exhibition held by Peru's Ambassador to Turkey Alberto Campana Boluarte was opened at Çankaya Contemporary Arts Center.

The exhibition was attended by representatives of the diplomatic mission in the capital and a large number of invited guests.

Speaking at the opening, Ambassador Boluarte said the exhibition included squares from ancient Peruvian culture belonging to pre-Inca civilizations in the northern regions of Peru.

Boluarte, who expressed that the Inca civilization came to mind first when Peru was mentioned said “It is called Huacas, and it is a magical journey into ancient Peruvian cultures, where you can see the monuments and sacred sites of the pre-Inca civilizations that have existed in the northern regions of Peru for centuries. We call these civilizations Moche and Sican.

"Huacas" is a word from the Quechua language. As most of you know, Quechua is the oldest and most important language of Peruvians. We can translate the meaning of” Huaca” as sacred places or sacred things. "Huaca" can be an idol or represent temples, tombs and or mummies. The purpose of this photography exhibition was to show exactly those mentioned.”

Boluarte also stated“ Photographs in the exhibition reveal the changes that have taken place over the centuries through the actions of humanity in an effort to exist."

The exhibition includes 36 black-and-white photographs of various archaeological sites of the ancient cultures "Lambayeque" and "Moche" that ruled Peru's northern coast before the Inca Empire.

The exhibition will be available to visit until 9th of December.

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