News Center -TDO- The opening of the group exhibition “Dutch Chronıcles in Turkey”, hosted by the Guler Art Gallery, was held by the Dutch Ambassador Marjanne de Kwaasteniet.

Güler Sanat welcomes the new season with a group exhibition curated by Kemal Orta, featuring three Dutch artists, Arjen Zwart, Jeroen Paalvast and Koenraad Marinus van Lier.

Highlighting the phenomenological approach in the art practices of Zwart, Paalvast and van Lier, the exhibition reflects the experiences of the artists in Turkey and the references they receive from our country from their original windows. The exhibition examines the artist's reflections in his works, which are almost a diary, questioning his testimony to the time and space, his natural and direct socio-cultural interaction.

‘Dutch Chronıcles in Turkey’, which deals with the concept of time from the point of view of existentialism, brings together works in different disciplines, from photography to drawing, from painting to sculpture and video art, as well as the subject-object relationship. In addition to the video works of the three artists, the exhibition includes Zwart's photographs from the streets of Istanbul, Paalvast's drawings from Turkey projections in his own life story, and oil paintings reflecting van Lier's colorful palette from his workshop in Burgazada, mosaics and limestone sculptures made with the remains of construction he found.

The Dutch Chronıcles exhibition in Turkey, curated by art historian and Guler Art Director Kemal Orta, which brings together three Dutch artists who have lived in Turkey for a long time, will be on display until October 10. The project, supported by the Dutch Embassy, will then meet the audience in the provinces of Uşak and Nevşehir.

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