News Center -TDO- As part of the 74th Independence celebrations of Pakistan, a photo exhibition entitled "Colors of Pakistan through the eyes of Turks" was opened in Ankara.

Pakistan's Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Sirus Gazi, AA Deputy Director General and editor-in-chief Metin Mutanoğlu and invited guests attended to the opening ceremony of the exhibition held by the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara at the Kızılay Metro Art Gallery in Ankara in cooperation with Anadolu Agency and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

The exhibition includes 52 photographs by calligrapher Ismet Keten and AA photojournalist Metin Aktaş, as well as AA archival photographs and frames by Pakistani artists.

Ambassador Gazi stated that calligrapher Keten and photojournalist Aktaş captured very important squares in Pakistan and continued his speech as follows: "the works exhibited show the natural beauty of Pakistan, the enthusiasm of its people, the diversity and richness of its culture."

"Our shared destiny and culture are strengthened by our shared history and our tradition of always standing side by side," the Ambassador said, adding that relations between Turkey and his country date back centuries. “This special relationship has continued to feed through the generations of the two countries over time."

"Long Live the Pakistan-Turkey Brotherhood," Ambassador Gazi said, stressing that such events in the field of culture and art also contribute to the strengthening of ties between peoples of various dimensions.

AA Deputy Director and Editor-In-Chief Mutanoğlu also stated the importance of historical and deep-rooted relations between Turkey and Pakistan and he continued: "We say the word of One Nation, Two States first for Azerbaijan, but Pakistan is such a precious country for us that we say it for Pakistan the second time."

Mutanoğlu thanked Aktaş and Keten for their efforts in the exhibition.

Anadolu Agency photojournalist Aktaş expressed his pleasure to be present at the opening of the exhibition consisting of photo frames taken in Pakistan, where he served for 3 years as a country representative and photojournalist on behalf of Anadolu Agency.

After the speeches, a plaque was presented to Keten and Aktaş for their valuable work.

The exhibition can be held at the Kızılay Metro Art Galery until August 20.

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