News Center-TDO- "Azerbaijan on the Way to Independence" Conference, which is jointly organized by the Embassy of Azerbaijan, Turkish Academy of Sciences and Gazi University, was held in Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Education.

Prof. Dilara Seyidzade attended to the conference as a speaker and talked about the founding of Azerbaijan and the struggle for independence against Russia 28 years ago.

Naguib Nesibov, Education Counselor of the Embassy of Azerbaijan; Hulusi Kılıç, Turkey's former Ambassador to Azerbaijan; Necdet Unuvar, AKP Adana deputy; Şamil Ayrım, AKP Istanbul deputy; Dr. İbrahim Uslan, Rector of the Gazi University and Dr. Alev Cakmakoglu, Head of the Department of Art Teaching in Gazi University attended to the meeting. It was learned that Hazar Ibrahim, Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Ankara was unable to participate in the program because of feeling unwell.

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